M-stein | straight gouge (sweep 02)


M-stein straight gouge for woodcarvers, modellers and artists.

See sweep chart for detailed information on all M-stein tool profiles.

Given the proper maintenance and use, the M-stein tools can serve for several generations of woodcarvers.

M-stein tools are made of a tool-steel not resistant to corrosion, therefore in a humid environment they can become rusty. We strongly advise you to store your M-stein tools in a dry environment. Wooden handles are made of hornbeam wood, when working with a hammer or mallet, please choose the material of same hardness or softer, this way you will prolong the tools’ lifespan.

After every use we recommend applying a thin layer of fixedblade.tools clove leaf oil onto the blade for protection.

Tools are sharpened and polished at the time of shipping, but using the blade dulls it and tool becomes less effective over the time. For proper sharpening we recommend using Rozsutec sharpening stones.

Product origin: Košice, SLOVAKIA