Products description

  • Who are our products for?

We are based on and focus on selling fixed blade knives and tools for the use by professionals, artists and wide public. Our target groups include: chefs, households, woodworkers, carpenters, artists and outdoor enthusiasts.


  • What are the products’ basic details?

Other than accessories (sharpening stones, oils, leather sheaths, stands and holders), all of our products basically consist of a fixed blade and a wooden handle for safe use and natural feel.


  • Where would someone use our products?

Depending on the type of product, they are primarily designed for the use in kitchens, workshops, but also for outdoors use (e.g. forests, camping spots, etc.)


  • When should someone use our products?

Our products are designed to help in everyday work - whether it is cooking, woodcarving, wood splitting, linocut or outdoor camping adventures. They provide high-end cutting ability along with hardness and quality that ensure long-lasting sharpness and long lifespan.


  • Why are our products useful or better than their competitors?

All of our tools are hand-made and produced with attention to high quality, easy maintenance and come with customer service on a very high level. We utilise MTO manufacturing, which not only saves resources, but also time of production and cost of products.