all blades can be sharp. only some will last.

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High-quality ELMAX® steel is used in our JS knives for its superior durability and hardness. ELMAX® is known among knife-makers around the world as one of the latest hi-tech achievements, that’s why it’s also called “the super-steel”.

The m-stein chisels, woodcarving knives and axes are made with various types of steel, always ones that long years of experience have shown as the best for the given tool and use.



That’s why our blacksmiths combined precise hand-work with high-end technologies in a way that reduces the production time and cost, but doesn’t detract the quality of our products.

What matters the most is how you treat the materials you use and how much effort you put in the production. Our aim was to find the sweet spot between “too expensive” and “poor quality”.

Local Producers We Know

We work together to design new products, create collections and deliver high level of satisfaction to you — our customer.

We are based in and solely work with local craftsmen from Košice, Slovakia and sell their renowned products to the world. Running their workshops as family businesses, some of them with 30+ years of experience in their craft, others young, innovative and tech-savvy engineers, who thrive for the best and always succeed.



We can’t see inside your head, and we don’t even need to! We don’t stock up on thousands of items and then hope to sell some.

Instead, we gave you the option to design your own set of tools, which we will then produce and have delivered to your door within 6 weeks. How cool is that?

One Stop Shop

Premium blades deserve premium treatment.

That’s why we spent months looking for the makers of the best, yet still affordable accessories out there: stands, sharpening stones, sheaths, oils… and we brought to you the one-stop-shop experience for the fixed blade tools.